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NovaVapes. A uk vape shop that’s customer orientated and against the fold. Looking at our affordable prices, you’d probably think ‘it’s too good to be true’. It is, but not how you think. 

In the eliquid industry, manufacturers produce the e-liquids which sell for a couple of quid to a distributor. A Distro then sells to a wholesaler, who then sells to retail. See this chain of middlemen? Each one wants to make double margin each time. You – the consumer – ends up paying up to £20 for your vape juice. 

NovaVapes works quite simple – We are a UK e-liquid manufacturer – Right here, in Hartlepool, we manufacture our products and sell directly to you – the consumer. No middlemen. No bullshit. We make more per product sold than the typical route. You get amazing affordable eliquid. We both win. 

Here’s the kicker, we develop our own flavours too. We aren’t a backroom operation decanting from containers fresh from China (that’s a major problem for another blog post). We aren’t just another white label brand, you won’t find our flavours anywhere else! The eliquids we produce we do so in our ISO standard cleanroom. Our staff are highly trained manufacturing specialists, and we use state of the art equipment and hold our procedures to account. We know everything about our eliquid products, the ingredients we use, the suppliers, the origin. Everything. All our ingredients comply to at a minimum the British Pharmacopoeia standard (that’s pharma grade in fancy words). Our Nicotine is supplied from Switzerland under European Pharmacopoeia, and our packaging is all recyclable where possible. 

We take pride in our products, everything we produce is uniquely designed and created by us at NovaVapes. We are meticulous, caring and stubborn. You’ll always get taken care of here. With our price points, quality UK eliquid, customer service and our dedication to cleanliness, we can truly drive home our ethos:

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