What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

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Sub-ohming is ideal for those who want to take vaping to the next level and is loved by the cloud chaser who wants to aim for bigger and better clouds.

In this guide to sub-ohm vaping, we highlight how it works, advantages to sub-ohm vaping, which e-liquids to use, and the different sub-ohm vape kits.

How Sub-Ohm Vaping Works

An ohm is the measure of the resistance of a coil. Sub-ohm vaping is vaping on a device using a coil with a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohms.

Sub ohm coils are more powerful than standard vaping devices. This is because when the resistance of the coil is reduced, there is an increase in electrical current. With a higher electrical current, the coil heats up quicker and reaches a higher temperature.

A hotter coil temperature, proportionate to an increase in airflow, produces more vapour. More e-liquid is vaporized, and this results in an increase in cloud production and flavour.

Advantages of Sub Ohm Vaping

The main reason why vapers choose sub-ohm vaping is that sub-ohm coils produce denser, bigger clouds with a more intense and fuller flavour compared to standard devices with coils above 1 ohm.

Sub-ohm vaping devices utilise a combination of increased airflow, high VG e-liquids, and increased power to produce epic, flavoursome clouds.

Sub-Ohm Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping Technique

Typically, sub-ohm vapers inhale deeply straight into the lungs using direct to lung (DTL) inhalation using an increased airflow. This method of inhalation increases the vapour that can be inhaled in each puff.

This is in contrast to mouth the lung (MTL) inhalation in which the vapour enters the mouth and then into the lungs, and is the method used for smoking standard cigarettes and beginner vapers.

Sub-Ohm Eliquids

Sub-ohm vaping uses an e-liquid with a higher percentage of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) than PG (Propylene Glycol), typically 70% VG and 30% PG.

This is because VG creates a smoother vape with larger clouds and denser vapour production. VG gives a reduced throat hit and a greater lung hit. More vapour allows more e-liquid to be delivered, and hence provides a more intense flavour as higher levels of vapour are inhaled.

However, the higher the VG content, the more power that is needed to vaporise the e-liquid as it is a much thicker substance. Similarly, the bigger the cloud, the more e-liquid that is needed to produce it.


Sub-ohm vaping requires a lower nicotine strength of around 6mg/ml and under. This is because the DTL inhalation gives a stronger nicotine hit that enters straight into the lungs and into the bloodstream.

You take in more vapour so the body absorbs more nicotine and hence you can generate a greater hit from less nicotine. Higher levels of nicotine would simply be too intense.

Sub-Ohm Vape Kits

Sub-Ohm vape kits are larger and have multiple controls that let you adjust the amount of power, airflow, and the resistance of coils. When buying a sub-ohm vaping kit, look for the ohms reading with a resistance of the coil that is less than 1.0.

Types of Sub-Ohm Vape Kits:

  • RDAs – an RDA, or rebuildable dripping atomiser, is the original kit that was designed for sub-ohm vaping. They contain a deck where the coil is built and attached using a screwdriver, in which you drip e-liquid onto a cotton wick and coil.
  • RTAs – RTAs are rebuildable tank atomisers. In contrast to RDAs, the e-liquid isn’t dripped onto the coil, but like RDAs, the vaper builds their own coil.
  • Sub-Ohm Tanks – these are attached to any mod for sub-ohm vaping. They contain disposable, pre-made coils and are ideal for newcomers who do not want to build their own coil.


A sub-ohm vaping device requires a higher powered battery as the lower resistance coil increases the electrical power that vaporises the liquid at a higher temperature and, as a result, uses more energy.

For this reason, a more powerful device and batteries with a high amperage limit are most suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

It is important not to exceed the battery amperage limit as the battery can overheat if overused, so if your device feels too hot, stop vaping to prevent it from overheating.

Battery safety is paramount with vaping. Never use batteries which are damaged and always follow safety instructions.

Sub-Ohm Vaping with NovaVapes

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