Top Tips to Maximise Your Vaping Experience

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No matter whether you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper, everyone wants to maximise their vaping experience. Every vaper will have their own unique tips and tricks to improve their vaping, but here at NovaVapes, we thought we would take a look at our top four tips:

1) Don’t give up!

When it comes to vaping, many newcomers will give up quickly because they didn’t find the right eliquid flavour or vape kit for their needs. That is why it is essential that you continuously experiment with new flavours and devices to ensure you are always getting the best experience possible.

2) Don’t overpay

Another very common mistake many vapers make is to overpay for their eliquids. High cost does not always equate to quality, so don’t be fooled by the labels. Here at NovaVapes, our delicious eliquids start from just £4.50 for 60ml, while it is even cheaper if you create your own packs!

3) Look after your battery

If you have ever had your battery stop working, you know how frustrating it can be. That is why you should always care for your battery to ensure you are never stuck without your vape. You should also ensure that you are following the best safety measures to keep your battery safe and prevent you from facing any issues.

4) Keep a spare coil

It is not always easy to get a replacement coil when you need it, which could leave you without your vape device for a few days. Having a spare will ensure you are always able to enjoy your vape kit whenever you need it.

Looking for the best vape juice?

Having the right vape juice is essential in helping you to maximise your vaping experience, and here at Nova Vapes, we offer a variety of eliquid flavours and fast delivery direct to your door, ensuring you will never be without. Want to find out more? View our full range here.

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