Top Tips to Avoid Vapers Tongue

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Have you ever suddenly found that you can no longer taste your UK vape juice? If so, then it is likely you are suffering from vapers tongue. This sensation is something that nearly every vaper will experience at some point, and typically the loss of flavour will last anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

What causes vapers tongue?

The average human will have somewhere between 2,000 and 8,000 taste buds on their tongue. Although they regenerate every ten days, to keep them working as designed, they require a regular supply of saliva.

Vapers tongue typically occurs when either too much vaping leads to dry mouth, meaning your taste buds do not work as designed. However, another common cause is constant exposure to the same vape juice flavour. This can weaken your sensory receptors and lead to a decrease in intensity.

How to avoid it

There are many ways to reduce the symptoms of vapers tongue, but some of the most common include:

  • Drinking more water

Staying hydrated will help to reduce the symptoms of dry mouth, ensuring your taste buds work as effectively as they can. You should also look to cut back on coffee and alcohol as these can also cause the mouth to dry out.

  • Improve oral hygiene

Keeping your mouth clean and fresh ensures you will receive the optimal flavour from your UK Ejuice. For maximum effect, consider using a tongue scraper.

  • Don’t chain vape

Another top tip is to take longer gaps between vaping, ensuring you do not chain vape.

  • Change it up

Finally, make sure you are regularly swapping your UK Eliquids, ensuring your senses are not being bombarded with the same flavours.

Looking for the best UK vape juice?

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