NovaVapes Promise

We are 100 percent committed to ensuring you have an amazing experience with NovaVapes from order till vape, we hope to create relationships with all our customers and ensure a fantastic vaping experience.

Therefore, we have laid out a promise from NovaVapes to you, the consumer on what we will always deliver.

–        To ensure that your issues are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.

–        To be transparent and fair to our customers.

–        To maintain and ensure a quality and safe product.

–        Improve and maintain a fast processing time.

–        Work with and never forget customers. New or old we want you to continue to love our service and products.

–        Fantastic and unbeatable offers, to save you money even more.

–        To ensure an extremely competetive pricing on all our products.

–        Under no circumstances mislead or lie to a customer, transparency is key to a happy customer.

If at any point you feel unhappy about the service you have received from ourselves, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How it’s done

We believe that a product can be made both competitively and safely in a manner which excels standards set.

NovaVapes will always aim to be above the standard when it comes to creation of your product, which is why we invested thousands of pounds into our ISO 8 cleanroom.

For manufacture, we have a highly trained and experienced workforce who will hand craft and inspect each batch, bottle and stock allowing for a maximisation on cleanliness and quality.

We ensure to thoroughly inspect and check every single item that is to be used for production, all products to be used in manufacture have their information scrutinised and processes checked before use in production.

We ensure to only purchase base ingredients from reputable manufacturers with the reputation and paperwork to gain confidence in the quality of our product.

We monitor and measure our processes using our quality policy, procedures and set objectives to maintain, track and continuously improve our products and ensure the customer receives the safest and best quality product available.

We keep records of any and all issues that are reported to us, no matter how big or small, we will always take them into consideration.

We are so confident in our procedures, we have gained the correct insurances to allow the public to see for themselves.

Drop us a message and we can arrange a tour.