About us

Sick of a market filled with the same juice at extortionate rates, NovaVapes set out with a mission. To create a line of fantastically crafted UK e liquids, friendly to a budget.

We have delivered on our goal. NovaJuice is renowned for it’s excellent quality, superb customer service and great tasting products.

NovaVapes sets out to ensure each bottle is crafted in an extraordinarily clean environment using our ISO Cleanroom and highly skilled workforce. We ensure to only use EP/USP grade Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Glycerin.

We believe in a market where customers are not ripped off by insane markups, we deliver a fantastic tasting line at an incredibly very friendly price.

We craft each batch with a care and quality that is unmatched, at the fraction of the cost of other retailers. Fancy glass bottles and a sick label doesn’t change whats in the bottle!

As we expand into further markets, we will continue our ethos of, ‘Why pay more for premium?