Disposable Vape Bars – What You Need to Know

Disposable devices are a popular tool for quitting smoking. Used by both experienced and new vapers – Here’s everything you need to know about disposable vape bars to get you started!


Disposables vape bars are great for people looking to quit smoking. Typically puff activated, vape disposables are easy to use with little to no knowledge on vaping. Whether this is a steppingstone into more complex vaping, or if disposables simply do the trick, vape bars are a great place to start your stop smoking journey!


Not just for new vapers – Disposable vape bars are incredibly convenient and can be useful in all kinds of scenarios. Whether you are looking to go on holiday and need something to grab and go, or you need something smaller to take with you to work, disposables may be the answer with their sleek and easy-to-use designs.


You can pick up your Vape Bars from NovaVapes for as little as £3.99 each. These are also available even cheaper in our multibuy offers! This allows you to try different variations of flavour at an affordable price and work out which brands or vape flavours work best for you. 


A concern you may have about using disposables e-cigarettes is waste and recycling. Depending on the vape bar, you can typically get usage which would be the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. But what do you do with them when they’re empty? A great option is to recycle the correct parts – you can use the following guide:

1. Check the packaging for your disposable device to see if there is any information on the materials that make up the disposable and whether the device can be recycled. This may listed, or shown in symbols.

2. Taking care, disassemble the disposable device. Dispose of any parts containing e-liquid residue, or rinse the part if safe to do so.

3. Seperate the disassembled parts. Materials such as batteries, plastic, glass, paper and metals need to be recyled seperately – so it is important not to mix these. Recycle these materials at the appropriate places.

4. Information on where to recycle different materials such as the plastic, the battery componant of a disposable or small electrical items can be found at Recycle Now’s website.

5. You can also use Recycle Now’s website to find local recycling places near you using their recycling locator tool.


This was a lot of information – and to summarise, vape bars can be a great tool whether you’re new to vaping, or looking for something a little smaller and convenient for day-to-day life. There are a variety of vape brands and e-liquid flavours available at very affordable prices. We decided to launch disposables to give people more option and opportunity to quit smoking, or just to maintain staying away from cigarettes. To start your journey with disposables today, visit our online vape shop to check out our vape bar deals and offers.

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