About Us

NovaVapes, founded in 2015, connects you to a world of passion for our industry. 

I created Nova with one idea in mind, vaping is the future and should be accessible to everyone.

Our mission is simple, our objective is hard, but here I am presenting a range of products crafted with expertise and care with no cut corners. Our products are crafted in our specialised clean environment, a modular ISO cleanroom and manufactured utilising state – of – the – art machinery only using British Pharmacopoeia grade base ingredients.

We work with flavour houses to bring incredibly bespoke tasting e-liquids. No imitations, no coil killers, no cash grabs.

Just amazing tasting UK made products. With our price point, customer service, dedication to quality and cleanliness we can truly drive home our ethos.

Why Pay More For Premium?   

Robert Coates
Founder, Managing Director