A Minor Miscalculation: The RECHARGE Range Update

Recharged E Liquids


Last week, we launched the NEW RECHARGE eliquid range. We have been cooking this idea up for quite some time, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. However, there was something we did not consider…

RECHARGE is a simple yet beautiful idea. Entering the new decade, we take a look back and admire the greatest flavours in vaping, and recharge them. Showing you what NovaVapes can do and our talent with flavour creation.

To do this, we wanted to present two products at a time. The OG, made from the manufacturers own flavourings, presented by NovaVapes. And the 2nd, an inspired version of the flavour, created from the ground up by ourselves. 

Naturally, we started the RECHARGE range with Heisenberg and Pinkman, two iconic flavours. Alongside these we had Novaberg and The Pink One. Quite simply, Heisenberg and Pinkman are the two originals, mixed from flavourings bought directly from their creator Vampire Vape (well, The Flavour Warehouse). NovaBerg and The Pink One are our own creation, the recharged versions.

Shortly after launch, we hit a snag. We were promptly issued with a notice of trademark infringement. How the flying duck did I miss that?

We spent a lot of time and effort ensuring what we are doing is above board, that we can parody in such a manner, to have an inspired product. Pepsi to Coke almost. But there was something we missed…

I called up Flavour Warehouse. From the gist of it, Vampire Vape doesn’t want people using the names they own. I can respect that stance, and I genuinely do. They created something iconic, they should be able to control how it is presented.

The call was overall very positive and we quickly came to an agreement. Afterwards, we took down all of our social media posts regarding RECHARGE and pulled the products from our site. At this time, only our inspired and bespoke versions, NovaBerg and The Pink One are available to purchase. 

So, whats next for RECHARGE?

As we outlined in our NovaVapes Promise, if we f**k up, we will own it. We will be honest and transparent. I think I have ticked that box here. But what do we do going forward, and more importantly whats next for RECHARGE?

In the next week we will aim to ‘recharge’ the RECHARGE range. It will be the same deal, just done a little differently. 

We won’t be presenting the OG products as we intended, manufacturing the products ourselves using flavourings sourced from the creators. Instead, we’ll just sell their eliquid shortfills, and have our version of the flavours as an alternative.

Coke vs Pepsi, McDonalds vs Burger King, OG vs Recharge.

The Caveat

Since we have to buy the vape juice shortfills at wholesale, the price on that product will be more than I am comfortable with. As you may be aware from our previous discussions on the matter, wholesale prices are typically around the same price you would pay for an e-liquid shortfill from NovaVapes.

With RECHARGE eliquids being manufactured by ourselves at NovaVapes, we can sell at wholesale prices as there is no middleman. This is the reason you won’t find NovaVapes shortfills going for over £10 a bottle like some other brands.

Unlike NovaVapes, typical shortfill e-liquid bottles are also thicker. This means there will be some changes to our shipping for these products only, to accommodate for the larger sizes.

The Promise

The new products coming directly from original manufacturers are going to cost more than what you’re used to seeing from NovaVapes, but we will ensure these are sold at the most competitive price we can offer. As an alternative, our recharged version will be not only cheaper, but we hope you will find them to be a cut above the rest too.

For our regular NovaVapes customers, nothing changes! Same pricing. No postage hikes. Same letterbox friendly packaging. Same great UK eliquid.

That’s the update, I hope it’s cleared some things up. Thanks for reading!

Robert Coates
Managing Director.

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