What Is A Shortfill E Liquid? A Full Guide.

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What Is A Shortfill E Liquid?

A shortfill is very simply a bottle of e-liquid which has been intentionally underfilled. This is to make sure there is enough room for a 10ml nicotine shot.

Typically, we see shortfills in 60ml e liquid bottles.

When your order arrives, you’ll need to add a 10ml nicotine shot which comes separately.

Once the nicotine shot has been added, you can enjoy vaping right away! At NovaVapes, we offer a nicotine shot free with every shortfill purchased.

Why Can’t I Buy Big Bottles of E Liquid With Nicotine In?

This is due to regulations called TPD / TRPR.

Legally, you can only purchase a nicotine containing e-liquid in sizes no bigger than 10ml, and in a nicotine strength no higher than 20mg.

So if you want a bigger bottle of e-liquid, shortfills are they way to go. They use the high stength nicotine shot to work around this.

How Do I Use a Shortfill?

When you purchase an eliquid shortfill from NovaVapes you will receive the 60ml shortfill bottle, filled with 50ml of e-liquid and a separate 10ml nicotine shot. All you have to do is:

1. Unscrew the childproof lid and the nib of the 60ml shortfill bottle.

2. Unscrew the childproof lid from the 10ml nicotine shot.

3. Pour the 10ml nicotine shot into the 60ml bottle. This will fill the shortfilled bottle completely.

4. You then need to give the bottle a really good shake. Think you’ve shaken for long enough? Let the bottle sit for 2 – 3 minutes and then shake it some more. Your aim is to ensure all of the nicotine shot is equally dispersed through the 60ml bottle, so you don’t get spots of ‘high nicotine’ where it hasn’t blended fully.

You’re done! Now you can sit back and enjoy some of the best UK vape juice available.

Shortfill e liquid / short fill liquid visual guide
A visual guide on how to use an e liquid shortfill.

Why Should I Use a Shortfill E-liquid?

The benefits of an e-liquid shortfill are numerous, but the most important one is convenience.

As mentioned above, regulation within the industry means that nicotine containing products cannot be sold in a container any bigger than 10ml.

When you purchase a shortfill, the large 60ml bottle contains zero-nicotine. The nicotine is added by the customer themselves as outlined above.

This means no more tiny bottles of vape juice which run out in an instant – you have a convenient 60ml bottle to take with you and know you won’t be caught short.

And to be honest, is there anything worse then finding out you’re out of e-liquid when out and about?

How To Make The Most Of Your Shortfills: Advice From An Experienced Vaper Who Switched From Smoking Cigarettes

So, you now understand what a shortfill is and how to use them, but how can you make the most out of using them?

The key thing is: Don’t fork out on ‘premium’ e-liquids.

The word premium means absolutely nothing in the industry – you might just be paying significantly more to find out you don’t like the flavour. It’s an excuse to tack on a much higher price for no fair reason.

At NovaVapes, we sell our UK eliquids at an affordable price with no cuts to quality. And every e-liquid is manufactured in our ISO certified cleanroom based in Hartlepool, UK.

We sell directly to the customer – there is no middleman making a fortune before it gets in your hands. We want to make quitting smoking more accessible and affordable for everyone.

And best of all, you can indulge in one of our Create Your Own E-liquid Packs. We guarantee you’ll love our flavours and being able to mix & match bulk e-liquids with a discount means you’ll certainly find your new favourite flavour in no time.

We hope this guide to shortfills has helped! If you have any further questions, contact us any time and our friendly team will do their best to answer any vaping or e-liquid questions you have.

– Team NovaVapes

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