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Our mix & match eliquid packs let you pick any ecig liquid you want – with a discount! Nicotine shots included.

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100ml E Liquid - 100ml Vape - 100ml Shortfill / Vape Juice / Liquid Vape / Eliquid / Vape Liquid UK


Have a favourite vape juice flavour? Buy a NovaVapes 100ml eliquid bundle at a discount! Nicotine shots included.

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NovaVapes – Online Vape Shop

Here at NovaVapes, our mission is simple.

We believe that shortfill e liquid and vape juice in general are the future. So we’re here to help smokers quit and help them make the switch to vaping. We sell a huge range of flavoured e liquid here at our online vape shop. Have a browse and you will find every vape juice flavour you will ever need for your vape mod!

Since opening in 2015, our wide collection of liquid for vapes has enabled us to become a hit with a large audience within the vaping community and we are renowned for selling high-quality yet affordable vape juice. We initially hit the markets with our tag line “Why Pay More for Premium?” – And this still holds true. Quality UK e liquid does not have to be expensive, and we’ve proven that.

Our vape juice is available in the form of e liquid short fills, 50/50 e liquid, refills, high vg vape juice, nicotine salts, e liquid deal bundles and unflavoured 18mg nicotine shots. Here at the NovaVapes vape shop, we stock a huge range of flavours – from fruity eliquid like apple, strawberry, and the best watermelon vape to various other flavours including (but not limited to!) Heisenberg vape juice, menthol, vanilla, bubblegum, caramel, and so many more flavours.

So… What are you waiting for? Find your new favourite eliquid today with NovaVapes! We guarantee you’ll love them. And thank you for supporting our small vape business.

Talk To A Vape Expert Today Call 01429 599396 or click here to get in touch.

#1 E Liquid UK & Liquid Vape Juice

We’ve been around since 2015 and things have changed so much in vaping since then.

Vaping technology in the UK is still rapidly advancing – even now. At NovaVapes, we are proud to say that, as ‘premium’ e liquid suppliers, we sell only the most high-quality vape juice here on our online vape shop.

Every flavour is designed and approved by our whole team – and we use feedback from some of our wonderful customers before launching any new vape liquid.

Our flavours are perfect for both new and experienced vapers. Our extensive range offers endless choices of vape flavours in a variety of different sizing options. And as a top leading e liquid supplier, we have an amazing range of deals that you don’t want to miss! Whether you are looking for a new e-liquid flavour or you’re hoping to stock up on your favourites, NovaVapes has got you covered. You can even mix & match with our ‘Create Your Own’ e liquid packs to try all of our flavours and make a saving with this incredible vape deal.

No matter your e-cig liquid needs or your vaping budget (I know, budgets suck), we have all the vape liquid you’ll ever need. Be sure to browse our range of e liquid today! And if you have any more questions, head over to our ‘Contact Us‘ page. We’re genuinely happy to help – Whether you have some burning questions about our e liquids or if you just could use some general vaping advice. Start your vaping journey today with NovaVapes for the best e liquid manufactured right here in the UK.

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